Moving to Medium

I enjoy writing on Medium. It is clean and gets out of the way while you are getting ideas out of your brain and onto a page. When you want to add formatting, it’s easier too. The photos and gifs I want to use in my posts as well as tweets and other embeds are simple to put in.

Medium publications give me greater reach. Being placed on the Medium homepage and other curated topics gives me greater reach. I have made more money from a single Medium post than I have in 5 years of blogging on this website.

For the past few years, I have re-produced articles across my website and Medium. This is time consuming, especially if I notice edits later and have to do them in 2 places, impacts SEO and the Squarespace blog gives a difference experience for readers than Medium.

I am no longer going to do this. All of my posts will be exclusively on Medium. I will, however, post here with a link to each new article (and the Friends link so that you by-pass the pay wall). I know that’s not the best experience for readers on here (having to click twice) but I promise it will be a better experience to read there.

My Medium profile is here -