Quantum UX

When you're a doctor people will show you things and ask your opinion (is this mole cancer or not?). The same thing happens when you're in UX - people ask if their interface is good or not. "Good" is subjective, but generally what they are really asking is: is it usable? This is when I introduce them to the concept of quantum UX. 

Your interface is both excellent and horrible, usable and unusable, at the same time. It is not known which until it has been tested with users and observed. 

Schrödinger's interface. 

Only once you test with the real users of your website can you know whether or not it is useable to them - which is all that's really important. If I, an IT educated female, can use it that's great, but if your audience is elderly men who did not grow up with technology it's a whole different story. What's usable for me may not be useable for them. The only way to truly answer this question is to open the box and observe the state of the cat.