I am a user and experiencer of products, frustrated with mediocrity. I am an advocate for all users.

I will always fight for the best user experience, even when not personally affected by using a rare super power, empathy.

I am a detective. My powers of deduction and near Sherlock-ian. My attention to detail and memory often irritating.

I am a presenter.



March 2015 - Present

UX Designer working across SEEK Employment and SEEK Commercial. 


March 2012 - March 2015

UX Designer working on desktop ERP for the fashion industry called Apparel21 and supporting products: POS (point of sale) System, web-based Mailer app and mobile optimised Stock Finder app.


For the development of an app as part of my thesis research I was the only UXer on the team. I facilitated design and research, with other members of the team contributing. 


As anyone in tech knows, family will always ask you for help when their computer breaks. When you're a UXer you get that too (especially since older members of the family often don't understand what you do other than "work with computers") but you also get everyone's idea for an app asking for UX advice. The UX doctor - show me an interface and I'll diagnose what's wrong with it when they can't put their finger on why it doesn't look right. Of course, I always say that I don't know the best advice, we need to talk to the intended users to know that, but I enjoy providing the quick fixes that make the interface look "right".


  • Guest lecturer at The University of Melbourne on Requirements Engineering, Usability and exerting technologies (insertables)

  • Senior academic tutor at The University of Melbourne, Impact of Digitisation

  • Author UXmas 2014 for my article on Automagic

  • IBM 2010-2012 

  • Unisys 2010

  • OzCHI Student Design challenge 2012 & 2013