UX @ SEEK Ltd. 

Our goal is to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and to help organisations succeed. We do this by matching the best talent with the best job. I work across SEEK Employment and SEEK Business. I try to blog about my work to act as a portfolio. 

UX @ Apparel21

A desktop ERP for the fashion industry and supporting products: POS (point of sale) System, web-based Mailer app and mobile optimised Stock Finder app. Most of my work at Apparel21 was working on the existing ERP, however I did work on one large green-field project and documented my process here: UX process for 'Product X'

Other skills


There's no other way to start a UCD process, than researching the user. My research skills from industry and academia include:

  • Traditional observational usability-lab based research
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Surveys
  • Literature reviews
  • Quantitative data analysis from usage logs


Affinity mapping is the easiest way to deal with large amounts of qualitative data and see the patterns that are emerging . 


I like to make the complex, simple. My thesis research involved displaying complex messages, simply, with visual statistics.

I enjoyed thinking outside the post-it note and coming up with multiple ways to present this information, and, of course, testing this with users to ensure that they understood what the visuals are trying to communicate.

Workshop facilitation

I have experience conducting workshops with various stakeholders and end users to understand varying needs. 



I am a huge advocate of the benefits of wireframes and prototypes. Words often fail when trying to describe design  vision, so I communicate using the best fidelity for the purpose: a sketch on the whiteboard; a scribble using my handy sharpie; low fidelity wireframes; or pixel perfect.




Vision Work

Family Room

A theoretical solution to improve the future of email. 

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2010 report into how well Pubilc Transport apps are being met

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Stroke Eye

A theoretical set of apps designed for e-health software and applications project.

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Person Definition

I have used personas in both academic and industry contexts. I introduced personas to Apparel21 after findings broad ideas of the user were not helping us design for them. Personas were created from aggregated discussions and observations with real users.