I am doing my PhD part-time (while working at SEEK, because I'm insane) with the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces at the University of Melbourne. The official project website is http://socialnui.unimelb.edu.au/research/insertables/ 

My research looks at insertables: devices that go within the human body for non-medical purposes. We coin, and define, insertables as below:

Insertables  (ɪnˈsəːtɪəb(ə)l/) - N

Devices that go in, though and underneath the skin. This includes devices that an individual can insert and remove themselves and those that must be inserted by a trained professional. 



Superhuman Abilities Could Lurk Under your Skin
University of Melbourne PURSUIT

Preliminary findings at The University of Melbourne CIS Doctoral Consortium 2015 - 10 interviews in. View full size poster here.



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Would you get a microchip? Weekend Sunrise - 4 November 2017

Weekend Sunrise

ABC The Drum 3rd August 2017
Hosted by Julia Baird

National Nine News (Channel 9/WIN) Peter Hitchener & Laura Spurway (27th July, 2015)  



    ABC Radio Brisbane - Afternoons 22nd March 2018 

    All Day Breakfast with Red Symons (774 ABC Melbourne) - 27th Sept 2017.

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    Interview on Saturday Breakfast with Hilary Harper Saturday 1st July 2017  (ABC 774 Melbourne).

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    Interview on Mornings with Leon Compton (ABC Northern Tasmania 93.9 FM). Listen to below

    Interview on Parallel Line with Sara Savage (102.7 RRR FM) - 12th April 2017. Listen below 

    Byte in IT with Vanessa Toholka (102.7 RRR FM) - 4th May 2016. Listen below 

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    How to really get under someone's skin - Future Tense ABC RN  with Antony Funnell

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    Interview on Dangerous Minds Podcast with c00p3r, Cur50r and Damien - December 25th 2016

    UXPod Podcast with Gerry Gaffney - 14th July 2016. Machine I: An Interview with Kayla Heffernan. You can listen to the episode on the UXPod website here 

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    Insertables: You put what where? Kayla Heffernan - BuzzConf Night, November 2017


    Wearables are so 2015. Will insertable devices get under your skin?
    10 minute talk

    UX Australia Conference 2016

    Military Insertables: Lessons from Civilian Use.

    Ninth Workshop on the Social Implications of National Security 2016. "The Socio-ethical Implications of Implantables in the Military Sector".


    Insertables talk as BuzzConf Meetup

    You Put What, Where? Hobbyist Use of Insertable Devices. Talk at CHI 2016 San Jose

    Insertables from my blog